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Jakarta 10K Marathon

Date: 2012-05-8 – 2012-05-8

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The Jakarta International 10K (JI10K) marathon is a prestigious sporting event that has been held annually for the past 7 years since 2004. JI10K is the only sporting event in Indonesia with a certified official 10K route issued by the Association of Athletic Federation) IAAF) and the Asian Athletic Association (AAA).

As in previous years, the Indonesia Athletic Association (PB PASI) has given itsfull support as the technical organizing committee for this year’s event. have several hotels close to Jakarta 10K Marathon, such as, Alpine Hotel, Alila Hotel, Grand Tropic Suites Hotel Jakarta and Kchrysant Hotel. Further down on the page you find a list of all hotels have in Jakarta. and the landmark project we collect information about 1000's of places in Indonesia and display then together with other places of interest for tourist and the other visitors. Please send us feed back if there is other places you want us to add in to the system: INIS Contact Form

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Monas, Jakarta
Jakarta , Indonesia




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