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West Java Adventure Offroad

Date: 2012-05-17 – 2012-05-20

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In order to continue to develop the potential of special interest and adventure travel in West Java, the West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Tourism and Culture will facilitate the re-organizers of the annual event to the West Java Adventure Offroad, in cooperation by Jeep Society of Bandung.

This event is expected to be attended by approximately 30 or 90 teams 4/fourwheel drive-wheel drive vehicle, with the overall number of participants of approximately 180 people. Participants not only from West Java but from different provinces in Indonesia, including Jakarta, Bali, East Kalimantan, Riau Islands, Central Java, East Java, Banten, etc.

West Java Adventure Offroadtheme is "Go Green" a commitment among the community of West Java Offroder to maintain the natural environment, social and cultural.

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Gedung Sate Bandung, Jl. Diponegoro
Bandung , Indonesia




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