• Mountain Jazz Malang

    The first time ever that jazz landed at such a high altitude and the event successfully promoted the venue as a new favorite tourist site.  Mountain Jazz concert to take place on a mountain, on 2000 meters high (about 6500 feet). Clear blue sky, cool weather usually around 14-18°C (about 57-65°F) during the day and a low 6-10°C (42-50°F) at night.

    From date 2012-09-23
    Until date 2012-09-23
  • Ambon Bay Festival Ambon

    A variety of traditional customs and traditions of the Maluku people are going to be displayed during Ambon Bay Festival.

    From date 2012-09-27
    Until date 2012-09-29
  • Sumatera Bike Week Medan

    Sumatera Bike Week event is the first held in Medan. Hopefully, these activities can support the Field Visit Year 2012 program. This activity is planned to be attended by approximately 10,000 bikers from all over the country, and the other countries like Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.

    From date 2012-09-28
    Until date 2012-09-30
  • Food Ingredients Asia 58

    Food Ingredients are substances that are used for food products that played a key role in the quality of food. Repeat the success of the past year the FIA will return dubbed in Jakarta.

    From date 2012-10-3
    Until date 2012-09-5
  • The Solo Exhibition of Melati Suryodarmo Bandung

    Melati Suryodarmo was born 1969 in Surakarta Indonesia, lives and works since 1994 in Germany. She studied International Relations and Political  Sciences in Bandung, Indonesia and at the Hochschule fuer Bildende Kuenste Braunschweig with Anzu Furukawa and Marina  Abramovic (performance art and Raum Konzept). In 2002 she has completed her Meisterschule (MFA) in Performance Art Studies.

    From date 2012-10-3
    Until date 2012-10-25
  • International Borneo Sumpit Tournament Kalimantan Barat

    Chopsticks is a weapon for hunting people of Borneo. Its effectiveness as a hunting tool is not inferior to modern weapons because tembaknya distance can reach 200 meters.

    From date 2012-10-5
    Until date 2012-10-7
  • Kemilau Nusantara Bandung Bandung

    Kemilau Nusantara organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in cooperation Government of West Java. This event focuses on Traditional arts performance from 33 Provinces in Indonesia. Special art performances from West Java, supported by the 26 districts / cities in West Java.

    From date 2012-10-13
    Until date 2012-10-13
  • Borneo Extravaganza 58

    Borneo Extravaganza to-5 will come back but this time you do not have far to fly to Borneo. That is because the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, Republic of Indonesia, together with the four provincial governments in Kalimantan will promote it at Mal Taman Anggrek Jakarta. The event will take place on 19 to 21 October 2012.

    From date 2012-10-19
    Until date 2012-10-21
  • Ngayog Jazz Yogyakarta

    Annual jazz of Ngayogjazz held back. Party music with a uniquely designed. Itsn't just a famous jazz musicians of Jakarta and the host will attend, various jazz communities and locals will join and interact through music.

    From date 2012-11-1
    Until date 2012-11-30
  • Dabuih Pariaman

    Dabuih or Debus, a full classical attraction thriller, is a Religious art is historically descended from the prophet ibrahim as. to loyal followers. The people of Western Asia which took him to Indonesia through the spread of Islam into Minangkabau and Aceh continued to Bantam. This one's art demonstrates resistance against sharp objects and the like.

    Dabuih game played by several people. While the attraction takes place, accompanied by words of remembrance to Allah swt and the musical accompaniment of the drum talempong Jao.

    From date 2012-11-14
    Until date 2012-11-14