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Cibinong Square

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Cibinong Square stood since the year 2010-2011 and instantly captured the heart of the Cibinong city. This is because the tenant Giant and other tenant who provides the most complete shopping center. Who like to hang out for CBS Square filled with fun snacks that places like cafes France, Tomkens, Saimens, Noodles, Solaria,, A & W, KFC, California Fried Chicken (CFC), Topaz, and many more.

Cibinong Square is also filled with the distros that sell clothing, Sony Center, and Bookstore. Which is always crowded mall is located adjacent to the local government area Cibinong, Highway gate Cibinong - Citeureup, and several other government buildings.

www.indonesia.ishave several hotels close to Cibinong Square like Cibinong Hotel, Bumi Wiyata dan Sawangan Golf Hotel. Further down on the page you find a list of all hotelswww.indonesia.ishave in Cibinong.

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Jl.Raya Bogor KM.44, Cibinong
Bogor , Indonesia
Phone: 021-87908930
Fax: 021-87908970




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