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Pasar Baru Jakarta

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Pasar Baru is a shopping center built in 1820 as Passer Baroe when Jakarta was named Batavi and is the oldest shopping center in Jakarta.

In Pasar Baru many Indian-Indonesian live in there.People Indian-Indonesian trade selling fabrics, sports equipment, and shoes in Pasar Baru.

To appreciate the value of the recorded history of the oldest markets in the capital, Jakarta regional government in 2000 set the Pasar Baru and the surrounding area as an international shopping center. have several hotels close toPasar Baru in Jakarta, like Grand Tropic Suites Hotel ,Alpine Hotel and Alila Hotel. Further down on the page you finf a list of all hotels www. have in Jakarta. and the landmark project wewill collect information about 1000's of places in Indonesia and display then together with other places of interest for tourist and the other visitors. Please send us feed back if there is other places you want us to add in to the system:INIS Contact Form

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Jl.Pasar Baru
Jakarta Pusat ,




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