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The Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali

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The Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali was originally established in 1910 by a Dutch resident who was concerned by the export of culturally significant artefacts from the island.

Destroyed in a 1917 earthquake, it was rebuilt in the 1920s, but used mainly for storage until 1932. At that time, German artist Walter Spies and some Dutch officials revived the idea of collecting and preserving Balinese antiquities and cultural objects, and creating an ethnographic museum. have several hotels close to The Museum Negeri Propinsi Bali, like Inna Bali Hotel and Diwangkara Holiday Villa. Further down on the page you find a list of all hotels have in Bali.

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Jl Kapten Mudita Dauhpuri
Denpasar , Indonesia
Phone: +62361222680
Fax: +62361222680

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