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Syiah Kuala University

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Syiah Kuala University (Indonesian: Universitas Syiah Kuala (Unsyiah)), founded on September 2, 1960, is the largest and the oldest national university in Banda Aceh, Indonesia. The name of the university is taken from the prominent theologian, Tengku Abdur Rauf As Singkili, who lived in the 16th century. He was a well-known person in law and religion studies.

Unsyiah has 10 faculties, providing associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees. Unsyiah has 131 laboratories for student lab work, student and lecturer experiments, and community service. The laboratories are spread across departments and faculties as follows: economics, veterinary science , law, engineering , agriculture, medical, mathematics and natural sciences , and one integrated laboratory.

In the government's period of Sultan Iskandar Muda, Aceh became the science development centre. The students and the teachers came from around the world, such as Turki Sultanate, Iran, and India. During 1957, the beginning of the Acehnese Province was formed, the leaders of the Acehnese government agreed to place the foundation for the development of Acehnese regional education. On April 21, 1958, Yayasan Dana Kesejahteraan Aceh (YDKA) was formed with the aim of holding the development in spiritual and physically to bring a welfare and a happiness for the community. YDKA was initially led by Regent M. Husen and afterward was led by Governor Ali Hasjmy. On June 29, 1958, the ruler of the Acehnese formed the special commission. The creator's commission was chaired by Governor Ali Hasjmy and Lieutenant Colonel T. Hamzah as the vice-chairman. His first work was to create Darussalam city as for student's city and Syiah Kuala for the name of university. Efforts were carried out by YDKA with the founder of the commission to bring about the Darussalam development and Syiah Kuala University.

The student™s city of Darussalam was officially opened by President Soekarno on September 2, 1959, accompanied by the cover opening of the Darussalam monument and the appointment of the first faculty of the Syiah Kuala University: the Faculty of Economics. The next September 2 was appointed as the Day of Education of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam; it was commemorated every year by the Acehnese people, the day that contained the meaning of the revival of education in this area. The people around the Darussalam settlement join in and share the work with the sincerity to erect and contribute the power for the Darussalam development, that was seen as the "Heart of Acehnese People."

The embryo of Unsyiah was begun from Faculty of Economic and was continued with the formation of Faculty of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry during 1960. Unsyiah as a university officially began on June 21, 1961 (through SK Minister PTIP No. 11 in 1961 and legitimated with SK President No. 161 on April 24 in 1962). Along with that, Unsyiah opened the Faculty of Teacher Training and Pedagogy, and the Law Faculty and Human Knowledge. The development was followed by the founding of Engineering Faculty, Agricultural Faculty, General Medicine Faculty, and Mathematic and Natural Science Faculty.

In the academic year of 1998/1999, Syiah Kuala University received a new student for a doctorate degree program in the field of economic knowledge. have several hotels close to Syiah Kuala University, the most beautiful like Rasamala Hotel and the best place for rest like Hermes Palace Hotel Banda Aceh. Further down on the page you find a list of all hotels have in Banda Aceh.

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Jl. T. Nyak Arief Darussalam
Banda Aceh , Indonesia
Phone: (0651)7553205
Fax: (0651) 7554229




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