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Cipanas Sekarwangi Nature

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Would have no doubt that the area of West Java has many volcanoes and hot springs of course. Natural conditions like this course a lot because of the potential benefits to be used for power generation as well as the natural and cure skin diseases. Cipanas Cileungsing nature is one of them. This tourist area is located in the administrative area Sumedang District.

Hot water is often called a Cipanas Cileungsing Buahdua. Cipanas Cileungsing is situated at the foot of Mount Tampomas located in the northern city Sumedang. In this area a lot of hot water appeared, at least there are about 10 pieces. However, that is located on the side of the road (easily accessible) that there are only two Hot Cileungsing and Cipanas Conggeang.

Unlike the thermal baths in general, Cipanas Cileungsing water flow + / -50 liters per second and it was hot as hell. The heat of summer original, not made evident by the smell of sulfur and high enough so that many visitors who come to treat skin disease and rheumatism. So you have a sort of rheumatic skin diseases, rashes, scabies, and ringworm can come into this hot water to be healed naturally and low-cost-only listing fees and expenses only.

The facilities there are public bath of hot water, shower in the room / room rental, room / home for treatment, swimming pool, cafe, play area, a large parking area. This Cileungsing Cipanas most visited on holidays and most crowded again is the Eid al-Fitr (Eid). When you arrive on the day of Eid peek at thousands of travel come from different cities and the most visited is from Falkirk, Subang, Indramayu, Majalengka, Kuningan and Cirebon entertainment, no wonder then displayed on the Eid day is music Tarling.

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Desa Sekarwangi, Buahdua
Sumedang , Indonesia




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